An explanation of Newco brewer electrical configurations.

Dual Voltage Units

All standard brewers built for the North American market are either 120 VAC or “dual voltage” (120/240 VAC). Dual voltage units utilize 240V power for the tank heating elements and 120V power for the control components and warmer elements. Dual voltage does NOT indicate that brewers can operate on either 120 VAC or 240 VAC.


All standard brewers built for the North American market requires a neutral wire. Installation without neutral may cause damage to the control components and will void brewer warranty. If neutral is not availabe, a step-down transformer should be installed by a qualified technician. The ground wire should never be used as a substitute for neutral.

Power Cord/Wires

Brewers rated at 120 VAC are provided with an attached power cord with either a NEMA 5-15 (15 amp) or NEMA 5-20 (20 amp) plug, depending on unit rating. Standard dual voltage brewers are not supplied with a power cord unless specifically stated. A terminal block is provided within the unit for connection by a qualified technician. Unit should be connected in accordance with all applicable building/electrical codes.


Examples of various wire configurations:





2 + Ground

120 VAC


Supplied with 15 or 20 amp cord & plug

3 + Ground

120/208-240 VAC


Requires L1, L2, neutral  & ground wires

4 + Ground

120/208-240 VAC


Requires L1, L2, L3 neutral  & ground wires

Heating Elements

Electrical voltage available varies by location typically falling in the range of 208-240 VAC. Standard dual voltage tank heating elements are designed to achieve their rated wattage at 240 VAC. Therefore, if the voltage availabe at a particular location is lower, the power generated by the tank eleement will be lower as well. Both the wattage produced and the amperage used fall as the voltage drops. A 240V element will produce only 84% of the power at 220V and 75% of the power at 208V. 

Design Volts & Watts

240V Watts/Amps

220V Watts/Amps

208V Watts/Amps

240V, 3500W

3500W, 14.6A

2940W, 13.4A

2630W, 12.6A

208V, 3500W

4660W, 19.4A

3910W, 17.8A

3500W, 16.8A