The answers to many of the frequently asked questions our customers inquire the most about, as well as other information about Newco and our products. The answers provided are simply suggestions and a guide to follow, if we do not answer your question on this page, please feel free to contact us through our contact form or call us at toll free 1(800) 325-7867 or locally at (636) 925-1202.

About our Products and Technology 

How many calories are in the specialty coffee drinks made by Newco machines?

Important Information on Cleaning Touch Screens

Which Newco products are NSF certified?

Why are some products made using 240 volts?

What does the auto-arm feature do?

What is black coating?

What is the color change basket process?

What do these configuration letters mean?

What is digital brew time?

What is dual volume?

What is heater override?

What is PDS valve?

What is the power save mode?

What is the process of pre-fill?

What is tank protection?

What is the process of pulse-brewing?

What is automatic time-off?

What is Visa-brew?

How to care and maintain the Eccellenza Touch and Eccellenza Momentum machines?

How to properly shut down Newco machines for facilities planning to close for an extended length of time.

How to restart Newco Equipment after emergency shutdown?

Troubleshooting with Liquid Coffee Brewers

Bistro 10 Replace Whipper Seal

Troubleshooting with Auto-Faucet Brewers

Water is coming out cold, brewer plugged in without water.

No lights are on and nothing works.

Water is not being pumped through.

Irregular amounts filled in pots.

Water does not shut off, continuously runs.

Brew basket is overflowing.

Water does not come out the faucet.

Brewer is too hot.

Blown GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter). Boiling or moisture from a leak inside or spillage on warmers.

Troubleshooting with Pour Over Brewers

No water in tank or water not hot.

No lights and nothing is working.

Spitting and steaming.

Pot shorted first thing in morning.

Dripping from spray head.

Brew basket overflowing.

Breaker blows as soon as warmer is turned on.

Blown GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter). Boiling, leakage or spillage on warmers.