showroom business connections

Come visit us in St. Charles, MO and connect with the Newco team through several opportunities. We’d love to take the time to learn about you, your business and the ways in which we can better serve your needs. Here are several reasons to consider a visit:

Attend Technical Service Classes

Newco’s commitment to your service team is of the utmost importance. We take pride in passing on valuable technical service knowledge to our customers. We offer individual and group technical service classes on specific models of equipment and general technical troubleshooting and repair. Your service technicians will leave confident in their abilities to service and repair any Newco model brewers

Repair and Refurbish Classes and Services

Learn how to take all Newco assets and turn them into reworked, modern brewing systems. Learn the skills of all key component repair in addition to reliable and safe methods for de-liming and de-scaling tanks, rebuilding valves and more. Newco also provides re-building and remanufacturing for our customers. See if Newco’s remanufacturing services are right for your business.

Branding and Imaging

Spend time with the Graphics Lab team and learn how Newco can help you incorporate your brand and image into your overall beverage presentation. Whether you already have artwork or need our creative team to brainstorm and help develop an image, we can help. Our in house printing capabilities allow us to offer you print house quality branding options that will help you create a professional and unique beverage presentation.

Establishing Your Coffee Profile

Come and bring your coffee (Pod or open brew) to Newco for brewing analysis and taste profiling. Learn the best brewing parameters for your coffee and determine settings for certifying one of your coffees for Gold Cup certification via the SCAA.

Please contact Newco Customer Service  for hotel accommodations and date confirmations.