Testing Area Graphic

Newco is committed to being the best in both innovation and quality. Both of those objectives, and more, are supported by our Testing Lab.

The Testing Lab supports the research and development of new products and continuous improvement opportunities for existing products. The Newco Engineering department will design a brewer or accessory and then bring the prototype to the testing area for us to do an assessment.  We sit down as a team and evaluate the brewer to then design a functional test so we can validate that the brewer performs the way it is intended to. After this functional testing is complete, we put the brewer through the paces and work on identifying any abnormalities in the design, code, or function of the brewer. We put ourselves in the customers’ shoes and work on interacting with the brewer as if we had seen it for the very first time—what issues could they have working with our brewer?

After we have approved a prototype, we work with our production team on any troubleshooting we documented during our testing and any suggestions for the process of building the product. We also support the production testers by creating quality documents and testing protocol for the new product.

The other aspect of the Testing Lab is that of life cycle testing. We run these tests to evaluate and predict reliability and durability of our products. We develop test protocols specific to the product and the environments it will be placed in. Based on this data, we can focus on design improvements and brewer maintenance plans to elongate the life of your brewer and keep it operating at peak efficiency!