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Cold Brew Coffee in 2022

Cold brew coffee has become wildly popular with consumers of all ages and is quickly becoming a mainstay in the coffee category.  The cold drink is known for its reduced acidity and distinct bold flavor, which consumers enjoy throughout the day, increasing sales and profitability for operators and retailers. Seeing as how cold brew coffee increases sales you would think everyone would be jumping to put it on the beverage menu. There is, however, one very large obstacle that operators consistently run into when making cold brew coffee.


The Obstacle 

Preparing fresh, cold brew coffee takes time - a lot of time. The ambient water temperature requires 12+ hours to extract the coffee compared to minutes when brewing with hot water.  This preparation time creates operational challenges and makes it almost impossible to gauge the volume of cold brew needed for the following day’s service.  This often translates into lost sales and unhappy customers when the product runs out during business hours.  Cold brewing processes using traditional soaking systems can also be messy and cumbersome. How can an operator meet the high demands for cold brew coffee?

The Solution

Operators need a brewer that can brew fresh, fast, and consistent cold brew coffee.  Newco’s Cold Brew Brewer Series is the solution. Making its debut at The NAMA Show 2022, this innovative brewer reduces the brew time to just over an hour to prepare up to 1.5 gallons of cold brew coffee per cycle. Until now, there has not been a solution to speed up the process, while still using fresh ground coffee. Staff can gauge the volume of sales each day and easily prepare more coffee to increase sales and customer retention. The small footprint of the unit makes it easy to add to the counter and the automation simplifies and ensures consistent drink quality with each batch brewed.

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Adding cold brew coffee to the menu has never been easier.