EMLK Laser/Punch Press Combination machine cutting parts with a laser in the Fabrication Services

Newco’s Amada Laser/Punch Press & Brake Press with Automatic Tool Changing Technology

Newco Fabrication Services uses state of the art equipment to produce high quality products with short lead times.

Newco's Amada EMLK Laser/Punch Press Combination machine with parts stacking automation and 58 station turret, punch and form, and tapping tools available, able to cut most materials up to 12 ga thickness, 50-100 pcs minimum on most parts depending on size and lead times as short as 2 weeks! 

Newco Fabrication Services also has the Amada Brake Press with Automatic Tool Changing, this machine can bend 16 ga and above, tooling may need to be ordered depending on part. 

Additional Capabilities 

  • Spot Welding
  •  Stud Welding
  •  High quality low cost outsourcing with short lead times 
    - Powder Coating
    - Stainless machines parts

Interested in fabricated and/or machined parts services? Email prints and quantities needed to fabservices@newcocoffee.com