Thermal Pour Servers Vs. Glass Carafes: Which Makes Better Coffee?

When researching the perfect coffee maker, there’s a lot to consider: size, format, cost and more. However, one aspect many don’t consider is the machine’s carafe. Your coffee will sit in the carafe for up to hours at a time, so it’s worth understanding how different carafes will affect your morning cup. Let’s break down the two main types of carafes, thermal and glass, and the machines that use them.

Thermal Carafe Pour Servers

A thermal carafe pour server is a double-walled container typically made out of stainless steel. Between the walls, there is a vacuum to help minimize heat transfer via convection. With minimal heat loss, the contents in the thermal carafe pour servers can retain heat for hours.


  • Keeps coffee hot and fresh
  • Durable material ideal for commercial use
  • No burnt taste, because the coffee is not sitting on a warmer
  • Prevents coffee from going rancid


  • Typically heavier
  • No sight gauge to see the amount of coffee left

Glass Carafes

A glass carafe is exactly what it sounds like–a glass container for liquids. Glass carafes are the standard server for brewers with warmers. These warmers keep the coffee hot for hours after brewing.


  • Lower replacement cost
  • Clearly see how much coffee is left


  • Easily broken
  • Coffee can become stale, rancid or even burnt over time

Recommendations for Thermal Carafe Brewers

If a thermal carafe is what you are after, here are a few suggestions:


Newco’s ACE-TC brewer is the thermal carafe model of the ACE Series. The ACE-TC brews into a thermal vessel with a 12-cup capacity. Coffee stays warm for two hours or more without breaking down. This brewer is perfect for small- or medium-sized businesses with low to medium activity, such as a break room countertop or a sitting room environment.


Newco's AK-TC is the AK Series thermal carafe model. The AK series of pour-over equipment is designed to offer years of trouble-free operation while delivering a consistently great cup of fresh coffee with every brew.

Recommendations for Glass Carafe Brewers

If you prefer the traditional glass carafes, then we recommend the following machines:


Newco’s ACE-LP brewer is the low-profile, three-burner model of the ACE Series. The ACE-LP brews either regular, decaf or flavored coffees into a glass decanter with a 12-cup capacity. This Ace model is designed for medium or large locations, such as sitting rooms, cafeterias, small- or medium-sized convenience stores, and restaurants.


Newco’s AK-3 is the ideal “Plug & Brew” three-warmer brewer for medium- or large-sized businesses with moderate to heavy activity. The AK-3 brewer can brew two 12-cup size glass carafes sequentially before optimum brewing temperature will need to be recouped. No plumbing? No problem, as this machine can be set up anywhere with an electrical outlet.

Have a brewer but not the carafes? See our suggestions below:

Thermal Butler Carafe

Newco’s thermal butler carafe is designed to replace the glass bowl in the field. Simply disconnect the warmers and our thermal carafe will provide years of trouble-free service while providing a high-quality presentation for your coffee program.

Glass Carafes

Newco’s high-quality, 12-cup glass carafes are available in regular and decaf. Optional freshness timers help create a quality coffee program and are adjustable from 30-240 minutes.

Depending on your beverage needs, thermal and glass carafes offer distinct pros and cons that are worth considering before you invest in a new machine. Newco offers a wide selection of brewing equipment ideal for offices, food service groups and convenience stores. Reach out to our representatives and we’ll help you find an innovative beverage solution for your organization.