A Guide to Cleaning Touch Screens on Newco Machines

In today's digital age, the marvels of technology are quite literally at the tips of our fingers. However, with convenience comes the unavoidable aftermath: fingerprint marks, smudges, and smears, turning the crystal-clear screens into patchy mirrors. Just like personal devices, Newco touch screen machines are also a magnet for these unwelcome marks. Given a machine's significance in daily brewing operations, ensuring their cleanliness is paramount. Here's a comprehensive guide on maintaining the pristine condition of a machine's touch screen.


Essential DO's for Cleaning Touch Screens

  • Choose the Right Cleaner 
    Opt for an alcohol-based cleaner with a concentration of at least 70% alcohol. This ensures effective cleaning without damaging the sensitive touch screen.
  • Use the Cleaner Correctly 
    If your chosen alcohol-based cleaner is in spray form, avoid spraying it directly onto the screen. Instead, spray a moderate amount onto a soft, non-abrasive cloth.
  • Moderation is Key
    Ensure the cloth is dampened just enough with the cleaner. It should be moist, not soaking wet, to avoid any excess liquid potentially seeping into the edges of the screen.

Crucial DON'Ts to Remember

  • Avoid Detergents and Soaps 
    These can leave residues, leading to streaks on the screen, and in some cases, can damage the touch sensitivity.
  • Stick to Recommended Cleaners 
    Venture not into experimenting with different cleaners. Using unapproved substances might lead to irreversible damage to the touch screen.
  • Direct Application is a No-No 
    Never spray cleaner directly onto the screen. This risks liquid entering the device, which could harm internal components.

Should you find yourself with additional queries or face any challenges, Newco's dedicated teams are here to assist. Reach out to the Tech Service team at (800) 556-3926 for technical queries. For general inquiries, Newco's Customer Service awaits your call at (800) 325-7867. Your touch screen's cleanliness and longevity is our priority!