Rising Trend | Cold Brew Coffee in the Workplace

It’s that time of year again. Sunny days, air-conditioning on high, and thirsty employees looking for some reprieve from the summer heat.


A Break from Tradition

Cold brew coffee is an excellent alternative to hot coffee during the dog days of summer. While preferences of cold brew vs. hot brew are always changing, the step of adding cold brew to your beverage solutions allows you to offer something new to your team.

Perks of Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is just what it sounds like: coffee brewed without heat.   While this process is slower than traditional hot brewing it does offer some unique advantages such as low acidity, smoother taste, and high caffeine content.

How long is the cold brew process?  The conventional soaking method requires an overnight period to get a fully developed flavor profile.  While this works for many, it can create a problem if the coffee runs out or too much is brewed and needs to be discarded.  Given that it is difficult to accurately predict the needs for the next day Newco went to work on developing a system that provides more flexibility for cold brew coffee. 

The solution – Newco’s innovative Cold Brew system creates the same results as overnight soaking in only 1-2 hours.  How is this able to be done?  The short answer to this question: increase coffee/water contact time.   This increased coffee/water contact time is achieved by continuously circulating the cold water over coffee grounds throughout the brewing process.   By doing this, we are able to create a more efficient extraction process that yields the same results as overnight brewing, but in a dramatically shorter period of time.  

All of this translates to more enjoyment and flexibility to adjust to the daily demand for this growing category of drinks.  Go ahead and ride one of the fastest growing beverage trends with the Newco Cold Brew system.