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New Pod Brewer

Meet Little Joe, Newco’s newest pod brewer.   With its smaller size and standard pour over or automatic modes it is versatile enough to go where other pod brewers can’t and meet the evolving needs of the office coffee industry. 


Brewing is streamlined with a full color touch screen display that offers drink selection, customization, and programming of various features. Large mug? No problem, the Little Joe incorporates a drop down drive tray that can accommodate anything from travel mugs to espresso cups. Pioneering a new auto/manual ejection system, the Little Joe disposes of brewed pods into an internal waste bin that can hold 30 brewed pods. 

What about taste?  Every pod has a different taste profile and the Little Joe can be calibrated with key brewing parameters such as pre-infusion and pulse brewing for optimal extraction to meet a variety of tastes. 

The Perks of Sustainability

The Little Joe brings a sustainable option to the office coffee industry.  Let’s talk heating, the Little Joe uses a small but mighty heating system that conservatively heats only the amount of water needed for the next brew vs a large reservoir that requires more energy. Little Joe can also impact the environment by using soft coffee pods. 

Made entirely of paper or silk, which is sealed in a foil packet to lock in freshness, soft pods offer a sustainable approach to single cup brewing without compromising on quality.  In fact, their flat, disc-like shape also increases the surface area for water to come into contact with the coffee grounds. This translates into more flavor and aroma extracted from the grounds, improving the overall quality of each cup. Another advantage of soft coffee pods is their compostability. This means that the pods not only break down naturally, but also provide the surrounding soil with nutrients in the process. Gone are the days of plastic cups to throw away, or components to separate. Furthermore, there are even several ways to creatively dispose of your coffee pods to benefit the environment, such as tilling them into your garden or adding them to your compost bin.  

Follow the link for more information about Newco’s other soft coffee pod machines.

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