Cold Brew vs. Iced Coffee

What is cold brew coffee? Iced coffee? And more importantly what’s the difference? There is always a little bit of confusion when it comes to these two types of coffee. Most people use the names interchangeably, but there are some key characteristics resulting in different tasting coffee.


Cold brew coffee is unique in the fact that the grounds have never been heated. Instead, the grounds are soaked in cold water for 14-18 hours. This uncommon way of brewing results in a strong concentrate with smooth, sweet, chocolatey flavored coffee. Looking for that extra kick in the morning? Cold Brew coffee is brewed with a higher ratio of coffee to water, producing higher levels of caffeine. A great perk of this brewing method is there is no need for specialty equipment, a pitcher of water and coffee grounds is all you need. However, due to the lengthy process it can drive up the cost.  If you run out and want another batch, you’ll have to wait a while for the process to complete again.

Looking for a way to speed up production of cold brew coffee? Newco Cold Brew brewer prepares authentic cold brew coffee in a fraction of the time as traditional methods. The Cold Brew brewer automates the process, preparing up to 1.5 gallons of cold brew in just over an hour.

Iced coffee has its own unique nuances. This coffee is brewed hot. By brewing the coffee in a traditional manner, the coffee retains the full flavor and aroma. Brewed strong when the coffee is poured over ice, the ice melts and balances the coffee flavor. The perk of this type of coffee is it’s fast and easy to prepare. All that is required to brew iced coffee is a coffee machine, coffee grounds, and a glass ¾ full of ice.

Looking for a way to commercially prepare iced coffee? Try Newco’s Bistro Touch, CX Touch or Fresh Cup Touch. These brewers prepare coffee in seconds; just select the ‘Iced Coffee’ option and place a ¾ full glass of ice as it dispenses, you’ll have iced coffee almost instantly.

Both cold brew and iced coffee are excellent beverage choices, each having their own unique flavor profile.  Your customer demand, and available equipment will determine which one fits your business model.

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