The NAMA Show In A Nutshell

Where can people, products and possibilities meet? At The NAMA Show! Over 300 booths were packed into the Las Vegas Convention center during April 24-26. Micro markets, vending, coffee services and more were all there - including the Newco team at booth #511. We are a proud bronze sponsor of The NAMA Show 2019.

Did you miss the show? That’s ok, here’s a quick recap.

Pre NAMA Show

365 Charity Basketball Jam

This year was the second annual 365 Retail Markets Charity Basketball Jam at the UNLV Student Rec and Wellness Center. This event was sponsored by 365 Retail Markets, Lightspeed Automation, G & J Marketing, Translucent, OptConnect, Epson, and Newco Enterprises. The players laced up their tennis shoes, put their game faces on and went head to head on half court and full court. Team Newco/LS Automation put up a tough fight in the full court face off against the 365 Retail Market / G&J Marketing team. At the last minute team 365 Retail Market / G&J Marketing won by one point. 

It's ok, we'll get them next year!

Women in the Industry (WIN) Event

It was a night of fun and networking at the 1923 Bourbon Bar hosted by NAMA Women in the Industry. It was a roaring good time at this modern 1920's speakeasy bar, located in the Madalay Bay. To add to the excitement you entered through a hidden door in order to get to the party!

The NAMA Show

Education Sessions

The Education Sessions at The NAMA Show gives you what you need to expand your bottom line. By exploring the latest trends, The NAMA Show puts experts in the industry on stage for you to learn from. There were a lot of education sessions to choose from, click to see the full list of education sessions. Below are the sessions the Newco team attended.

Tools You need to Create Efficient Teams | Speaker Evan Jarecki

Picture of Evan Jarecki a speaker for The NAMA Show

Evan Jarecki
Co-Founder and Chief Customer
Gimme Vending

Evan Jarecki, the Co-Founder of Gimme Vending, gave this talk drawing on his personal and professional experiences with tools that help create efficient teams.

One of the many tools he listed was the Urgent/Important Matrix. Evan Jarecki discussed how his team was responding to requests as they came in, and not by how important or urgent they were. That meant urgent requests were not being dealt with immediately and important requests were being put on the bottom of the pile, forgotten. The result was an inefficient work flow and miscommunication.

Urgent/Important Matrix graph

That’s why Evan Jarecki suggests using the Urgent/Important Matrix. By classifying your requests there is no doubt about when the task needs to be accomplished.

Digital Advertising for Business Growth| Speaker Matt Harlos and Neil Swindale

Picture of Matt Harlos a speaker at The NAMA Show

Matt Harlos
Director of Marketing and Design
Gimme Vending

A picture of Neil Swindale a speaker at The NAMA Show

Neil Swindale

Speakers Matt Harlos of Gimme Vending and Neil Swindale of VendCentral cover the basics of developing new marketing channels as well as provide an overview of how to use digital advertising and social media the right way.

One of the things Neal Swindale talked about is his experience with digital cold calling (aka Social Selling) on LinkedIn and how it has helped generate new leads. While Matt Harlos covered many topics on how to expand your businesses' social media he also encouraged the listeners to not forget about how powerful Email Marketing can be if done properly.

Keynote Presenter

Mike Walsh, Futurist and author, gave the keynote presentation, “Reinventing Leadership for the Age of Machine Intelligence.” He covered the topic of how AI will impact the future workforce. He encouraged us to think creatively about how AI might change what people do, don’t work/design work, and use data to transform behavior.

Mike Walsh speaker at The NAMA Show with Newco graphics team

Trade Show Floor

Lots of snacks, beverages, and business cards were being passed around the show floor. It was the best show Newco Enterprise has had, the Newco Team connected with new people and reconnected with our current customers.

The NAMA Show 2019 Tradeshow Floor

NAMA Party 2019

Thursday night we partied it up at the Chateau Night Club. On the rooftop under the replica of the Eiffel Tower there were contortionists, aerialists, dancers, magicians, and a dj. We were one of the sponsors, along with USA Technologies, LS Automation, G&J Marketing, and 365 Retail Markets.

The NAMA Show Party at Chateau Night Club.
People dancing at The NAMA Party at Chateau Night Club
The NAMA Show party at Chateau Night Club featuring the Eiffel Tower.
The NAMA Show Party picturing the dj and Newco logo on the screen.

Overall a successful trade show. Newco would like to thank NAMA for a job well done, a lot of time and effort was put into putting on this show. Newco can hardly wait for next year – The NAMA Show 2020!

Can’t wait until next year to see Newco? Click the link to see Newco’s 2019 trade show schedule.