NEW PRODUCT | Café Espresso 2.0

One of the fastest growing segments within the overall coffee category continues to be espresso and espresso-based beverages such as lattes, cappuccinos and more. Newco’s Café Espresso 2.0 is the latest solution that meets consumer demands for espresso-based drinks. 


Our super automatic (one step) delivery system takes all of the guess work out of crafting delicious drinks from freshly ground coffee and fresh milk.  The art of properly pulling a shot of espresso and steaming milk are all completed to perfection without the required training of a barista by simply making a selection from the touchscreen.  Once a drink is selected, the personal barista function becomes active allowing each individual to craft their beverage exactly to their taste during the brew process.  Users can change the strength of the espresso shot from mild to bold and increase or decrease the amount of milk froth and steamed milk all while the drink is being prepared. Each drink can be customized to the individual’s taste by simply making adjustments on the touch screen.

Simplicity?  Café Espresso 2.0 can function as either a pour-over or plumbed to a water connection making it convenient and versatile to any location.  In addition, a standard 120v, 15amp service is only necessary while most commercial espresso units require 240v (Canada requires 20amp service).  All units are commercially approved for UL and NSF standards through ETL certification.  Café Espresso 2.0 is a rugged commercial brewer designed to brew up to more than 100 drinks per day.  

29 Drink Options to choose from.

With any milk-based espresso unit, safety and cleanliness is of utmost importance.  Regular cleaning schedules and hard stops will require rinsing of the brew mechanism and milk frothing systems.  This ensures consistent and safe drinking experiences.  Café Espresso 2.0 makes all of the functions easy to perform and prompts the attendants automatically when each is required.

Would you like to offer specialty coffee house drinks to your workplace, restaurant or foodservice operation?  Consider Café Espresso 2.0 from Newco as a high quality, commercial automated solution.  The Newco team is trained and equipped to support your espresso needs to ensure a great experience.