Some Newco 20:1 Brewers Are ENERGY STAR Certified

ENERGY STAR® Certified

Newco Enterprises is excited to announce that four of the 20:1 coffee and tea machines have been given the ENERGY STAR® certification. The enviable blue star proves to Newco customers these machines give the options to reduce costs while still offering a freshly brewed coffee.

The four new energy efficient Newco machines are the 20:1 AP, 20:1 LD, 20:1 T, and 20:1 TD.


The office coffee service industry can be competitive. Businesses are constantly looking for ways to lower costs without sacrificing high quality standards. Newco’s new ENERGY STAR approved machines addresses these issues. These brewers incorporate our advanced solid-state brewing and smart technology, a gourmet spray head, 3 independent brew selections, a universal base and a label kit to easily change your selections giving you 20+ options.

Newco’s 20:1 AP coffee and tea brewer is designed to satisfy our customer requests for a thermal dispenser brewer that would fit low clearance spaces. The 20:1 AP brewer specifically design for a KK airpot.  

The 20:1 LD brewer is a thermal dispenser brewer for a smaller thermal dispenser, such as a Shurizjo airpot. Just as the 20:1 AP does, the 20:1 LD can brew both coffee and tea.

Newco’s 20:1 TD brewer is the tall dispenser model for the 20:1 brewer series. The 20:1 TD brewer doesn’t fit under cabinets but can accommodate a large thermal dispenser to brew a large batch of coffee for a more sizable office environment.

Coming soon is the new Newco 20:1 T brewer! The 20:1 T is a tea brewer that accommodates taller tea urns.

Interested in one of the 20:1 brewers? Contact the Newco Team to learn more.

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