stacked view of Cold Brew Coffee Skinny Tall Kit pieces; lid, soft pods/grounds bucket, 3.5 gallon skinny tall dispenser, drip tray
Angled view of 3.5 gallon stainless steel Cold Brew Coffee Skinny Tall Kit, soft pods/grounds bucket, drip tray, and lid.

Newco Cold Brew Coffee Skinny Tall Kit

Newco’s COLD BREW system is designed to allow for the ease of preparation of cold brewed coffee, a trend taking the world by storm. It does so by using soft Coffee Pods which retain the coffee grounds and allow the penetration of water through the Pod. This method of preparation offers a very easy system eliminating difficult cleaning requirements of the traditional system.

The Cold Brew Coffee Kit includes a 3.5 Gallon Skinny Tall dispenser, a sieve pod container which is designed to fit into the dispenser to hold the coffee pods or packet of coffee, a drip tray for behind the counter or self-serve applications, and a lid designed to maintain sanitation of the coffee in the dispenser. This container is portable and can be easily transported to a refrigerated environment.


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Cold Brew Coffee 3.5 GAL Skinny Tall Kit




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