Two large tap handles on the Two Faucet Front Load dispenser
Touchless Large Tap Handle on a 1.5 gallon Vaculator Thermal.

Large No Touch Handle

Stay safe with the Newco’s Large No Touch Handle. The handle can replace a Tomlinson faucet handle on a dispenser. No need to touch the handle to dispense your much-needed beverage. Use a cup to press against the new handle to easily dispense coffee or tea.

Add the handles to your order of  dispensers or order separately to add to existing Newco products (some assembly reacquired for this option).

The Large No Touch Handle is shown on a Tomlinson faucet as well as a Tea Front Load 2 Post Mix Dispenser PN 706631 and Vaculator 1.5 GAL. Thermal Server PN 112301.

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Large No Touch Handle


Large No Touch Handle with Bonnet Assembly

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