UVC Air Sanitizer in office environment
UVC Air Sanitizer diagram showing the airflow through the machine

UVC Air Sanitizer

The most important thing a business can do is to make employees and customers feel safe about coming into their environment. UVC-Air Sanitizer provides a prominent and visual assurance that the business is proactive about the health and safety of customers and employees.

UVC stands for ultraviolet light. UVC has been widely used around the world as a safe and effective germicidal solution. The UVC-Air is an air sanitizer that plugs into the wall. The stand-alone unit runs continuously to reduce airborne bacteria, viruses and molds.

Air is drawn in from the bottom of the unit and passes through a series of baffles while being exposed to a commercial grade UV bulb.  The patented system of baffles allows the air to be exposed longer to the ultraviolet light and certified to sanitizes 99.9% of the air exiting the system.  Unlike a filtration system that traps pathogens in a filter, UVC actually kills the germs, bacteria and viruses that pass through the system.  Designed to operate 24 hours a day, the UVC will continue to recirculate clean and safe air in the surrounding area.

Click here for independent laboratory testing report on the UVC system.

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