5 Tips for the NAMA CTW Show

The Newco team has always looked forward to attending the NAMA CTW Show. It's a great opportunity for networking, learning, and training.  Here are 5 tips to help you prepare for the NAMA CTW Show.

1. Build up your caffeine tolerance.


A month before attending the NAMA CTW Show start consuming large amounts of coffee and tea a day (we recommend anywhere between 2-25 cups a day). You'll be glad you did, because upon arrival to the show floor you will be bombarded with samples of coffee and tea. By building up your tolerance level you will be more likely to survive the onslaught of free caffeinated drinks.

2. Pack Breath Mints


Remember you're at the NAMA CTW Show to forge new connections and interact with customers. As mentioned above there will be a lot of coffee, which can result in coffee breath. No one likes coffee breath and we mean NO ONE. So save yourself the embarrassment of bad breath and keep a couple of mints handy.

3. Break Out the Orthopedic Shoes


Save the fashionable footwear for a special night out, instead bring your ugly orthopedic shoes to the NAMA CTW show floor. There's a lot of walking, standing, and more walking at trade shows. While everyone else's aching feet has caused them to fall over and can't get up, you'll be gliding past them walking on air.

4. Hit The Gym


Let's face it all those bags of free samples aren't going to carry themselves. Better pump up those biceps and triceps.

5. Bring Your Hangover Cure Recipe 

After the show floor closes for the day your night is just getting started. You'll be invited to cocktail hours, dinners, parties, after parties, and after after parties. In order to show up bright eyed and bushy tailed to the show floor the following morning you're going to need to have your hangover cure at the ready.

We hope you find these tips entertaining, if not helpful. In any case, we'll see you at the NAMA CTW Show,  booth #404 with a sample of coffee in our hands and orthopedic shoes on our feet.

*Before attempting any of these suggestions please consult your doctor.