Newco Halloween 2019

Pumpkin Carving Contest

This year Newco carved out a new activity for Halloween, Newco's first ever pumpkin carving contest! The competition was intense with eleven pumpkins entered into the competition. All beautifully whittled and each unique in it's own way. It was hard to pick the winners. Thank you to everyone who participated in the pumpkin carving contest and congratulations to our winners!

Eleven carved pumpkins for Newco Halloween 2019
Newco Halloween 2019 first place winner of pumpkin carving contest

1st Place

Congratulations to Jessica for winning first place with her witch pumpkin!

Newco Halloween 2019 second place winner of pumpkin carving contest

2nd Place

Congratulations to Marian for winning second place with her Tasmanian devil pumpkin!

Newco Halloween 2019 third place winner of pumpkin carving contest

3rd Place

Congratulations to Chastity for winning third place with the Newco logo carved pumpkin!

Halloween Costume Contest

Ladies and wolf-men, boys and ghouls, gather round for Newco's annual Halloween Costume Contest! Here at Newco, we pulled out all the stops, bringing our best, weirdest, creepiest and funniest costumes for the occasion. We had a ton of great characters lurking around including zombies, unicorns, and so much more.  Be sure to see all the Halloween costumes on our Facebook page.

19 people in costumes for Newco Halloween Costume 2019
Newco Zombie Costume for Newco Halloween Costume Contest

1st Place

Congratulations to Ashley for winning first place in the Costume Contest. She is dressed as a Newco Zombie.

A murder victum Halloween costume for Newco costume contest 2019

2nd Place

Congratulations to Michelle for winning second place in the Costume Contest. She is dressed as a murder victim.

Abby Scuito halloween costume for Newco Halloween 2019.

3rd Place

Congratulations to Karen for winning third place in the Costume Contest. She is dressed as Abby Sciuto.

This year’s Halloween party has been our best yet. Our staff showed great creativity. All's well that ends well. We are spending the remainder of our day here at Newco binging on candy. Have a Happy Halloween!