SuperGrindz is designed specifically for use in super automatics, SuperGrindz dislodges and removes coffee particles and oils from grinders. Formulated from all-natural, completely food safe and gluten-free ingredients. The hydrophobic formula allows for safe and convenient use in superautomatic espresso machines as well as in espresso and shop grinders.



1.  Remove all coffee from the bean hopper.

2.  Brew 2 large cups of coffee to use up all remaining beans in the grinding chamber.

3.  For superautomatics, add 26 g (1 full cap) of SuperGrindz.

4.  After adding the SuperGrindz, add 78 g of coffee (3 full caps) to the hopper.

5.  Brew 5 large cups of coffee, or until the pucks no longer contain traces of the yellow SuperGrindz tablets.

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